Articles in the Haskell category

  1. Interruptible Monad Transformers

    Tue 20 September 2016
    By Marcos

    It's no secret that I'm writing an email server. Well, the email protocol has a not-small set of unique behaviors that require some work to handle. One of those behaviors lead to the creation of the Haskell's interruptible library. This article is to explain why I created ...

  2. Monads, why should I care? - Part I

    There are so many monad tutorials in the web that it's common to repeat the rule that you do not write another one. This is a rule I'm now breaking. Despite the many tutorials around, most of them try to explain what monads are, and how they work ...

  3. An Year of Haskell

    Mon 29 February 2016
    By Marcos

    It's been more than a year that I started working on Walrus, Sealgram's email server. For performance reasons, I decided to write it in Haskell, a language that's unusual in many ways. Overall, that was a great choice, in ways that I couldn't even begin to ...